Ubuntu on Mac Laptops

jack jackson jackson.linux at gmail.com
Sat Jan 14 15:42:35 UTC 2006

On 1/4/06, Scott J. Henson <scotth at csee.wvu.edu> wrote:
> I have an iBook and its ATI Radeon is fully supported as its a radeon
> 9200.  This is the last chip supported by the open source drivers.  You
> get decent hardware acceleration(its as good as it can currently be
> afaict).  You also get full sleep support.

Great to know

The problem with Nvidia based apple notebooks is that they don't support
> sleep currently(last time I checked), so stay away from them if you want
> proper sleep.

Even better

Also, with current kernels(2.6.15) you can get the airport extreme to
> work, but it is kinda hard and not for the faint of heart.

Can you point to a How to? I am desperate to get this to work because if I
can depend on it working I can have my work buy me a new iBook and I can
load Breezy on it - the best of all worlds. Also I remember with my
powerbook and hoary there were issues with the mouse because it used a USB
mouse which wasn't supported. I guess that's solved?

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