GRUB (dual boot)

J.Markoll j.markoll at
Sat Jan 14 15:06:14 UTC 2006

René a écrit :
> hello all
> dual boot always worked fine for the last one year.
> since two days, when i boot into Windows (i do need it for special  
> purpose), the machine gets lost in this boot process (does not show  
> anything from Windows Boot), then reboots the machine automatically, 
> and  if i again choose Windows, this time all runs normal. it is 
> reproduced  everytime in this way, every second boot it does work fine. 
> strange  enough, isn't it?
> regards,
> René
Could check for a BIOS update. Other idea, did you install a new kernel 
theses days ? if so, did you check /boot/grub/menu.list features ?
Greetings, Joyce Markoll.

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