problems with installing wordpress 2.0

Ronny Haryanto ronnylist at
Sat Jan 14 13:29:04 UTC 2006

On Sunday 15 January 2006 00:21, Benjamin Haubeck wrote:
> i tried a2enmod and as i expected it says that the "module is already
> enabled!" and i have a old blog on this server that is written only in php
> and it works. so i assume that the mistake is that php can not communicate
> with mysql. i am not new to linux but i am new to apache and all about
> websites and so i do not know where i can show php that mysql is running...


If PHP is working, you can create a file, say info.php in your DocumentRoot, 

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

And see info.php from the browser, e.g. http://yourhost/info.php it should 
show you whether you have mysql extension loaded or not.

Hope that helps,

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