USB items work randomly

J.Markoll j.markoll at
Sat Jan 14 07:22:16 UTC 2006

Dave M G a écrit :
> Ubuntu Users,
> 	I have been using Ubuntu for a number of months now. It has taken me
> 	Any advice would be much appreciated.
> --
> Dave M G
Did you happen to check that PnP (Plug and Play) was disabled in the 
BIOS before installing ?
Mmm my USB HPPCS 1210 which prints scans and copy works perfectly,
under Mandrake it was working perfectly, only on a former Debian I never 
succeeded. So... not all USB are to blame within Ubuntu systems.
Maybe the material compatibility should be checked ? (some datas bases 
exist). Where ? On Yahoo for a change (why always Google btw ?)

Check deep, and let's know the problems one by one afterwards.
Greetings, Joyce Markoll.

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