Preseed/Floppy automatic install failing (Bug?)

Penguin Powered penguin_pwrd at
Fri Jan 13 23:07:37 UTC 2006

Distro: Ubuntu 5.10 'Breezy Badger'
  Hi Group,
 I'm attempting to set up a preseed install using the preseed/file=/floppy installer parameter. The only problem is that the installer isn't mounting the floppy. If I drop out to a shell and mount it manual, the rest of the install goes fine.
 Looking at syslog, I notice that one of the preseed scripts is complaining that the program 'mountfloppy' is not found. I checked the enviroment path, and there is no trace of a command 'mountfloppy'. The package that contains 'mountfloppy' does exist on the install media and appears to be intact. It just appears that it's been overlooked (it's not listed in initrd.list for example).
 Is this a bug, a known issue?  I will file a report, but I thought I'd check with the community first.

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