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> Hi all,
> I just installed Ubuntu (using it for the first time),
> but I can hardly see anything on the GNOME desktop.
> Perhaps I need to reduce the resolution, but
> everything is so blurry that I cannot even read the
> options. Can some body tell me the exact steps to get
> to the resolution option? If you tell me the position
> for each option in the drop down menu, that will be
> really helpful.
> Thanks for your help.
I saw several answers telling you where the menu item is...
Maybe this will help:

IF you selected several possible resolutions  during install there is a
simple way to scan through them 

use <ctrl> <alt> <keypad + or ->  (the number keypad) This will switch
between the resolutions installed. The lower resolutions will run off
the desktop area as that the "virtual desktop" size is set for the
highest resolution installed, but you can then get to a usable
resolution. ( then you can use the menu to set the default resolution)
If no usable resolution is installed.  You may mave to use Xorg
-configure which will probe and you write a new configuration file.

FWIW the manpages for this are broken in yelp. (Please developers PUT
XMAN back into the distro)

if you need to read them maybe someone can email them to youif you can't
read them from a terminal  (try man xorg.conf or if your gui is marginal
calling "xterm" first may help. 

Better leave the GUI  <ctrl> <alt> <f5> (for example)
man xorg.conf

After gathering all the info you have for card mouse etc. You would run
Xorg -configure from the command line...with no GUI running.

At least this is the best I can tell...haven't had to do this with  

I have used this method on the older XFree86 many times.

I hope my first suggestion helps ...the rest is a handful for a new



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