Ubuntu on Mac mini as server

Eric Dunbar eric.dunbar at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 14:50:41 UTC 2006

[completely off-topic warning... though, something everyone should be
congnisant of]

> A 100 W server load will consume 8766 kWh/year and at $0.10/kWh
> (average for NA) it'll cost you $87.66/a to run. Assuming an average
> of 25 W for the Mac mini, it would cost you $21.92/a (not only that,
> but each kWh generated through fossil fuels produces 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of
> CO2, and fossil fuels produce 2/3 of US electricity... guess why they
> won't sign Kyoto ;-)

A 100 W light bulb running 4 h/d will cost you $14.61/year. If you
replaced it with a high-efficiency bulb which generated MORE light
(lumens) but used only 25 W you'd be paying $3.65/year and saving
$10.96/year off your electricity bill.

Assuming you run at least 600 W for 4 h/night and morning for lighting
(which is an underestimate for most NA houses) you'd be paying $21.92
with high efficiency bulbs vs. $87.66 with regular incandescent bulbs.
High efficiency bulbs only cost $2-3/ for a good 25 W bulb (equivalent
to 100W+) and last many years longer than regular incandescent bulbs
to boot.

Over five years you'd have saved $328.70 (assuming 600 W for 4 h/day)
with a $12-20 investment!!!

Anyway, that's my environmental plug for the day.


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