Broken dpkg dialogs

Chris Dean ctdean at
Thu Jan 12 02:14:43 UTC 2006

>> I'm having a problem with the dialog boxes that are drawn when I use
>> dpkg (or apt-get).  
> Not quite sure what you mean here - do you mean the curses-based debconf
> boxes that sometimes pop up for configuration? (Debconf questions etc) ?

Yes, exactly.

>> Any ideas on how to fix this?
> I'm just guessing here: might it be a utf-8 encoding issue? I don't know
> without checking if the Mac terminal supports utf-8. Or as above, is it a
> lack of ncurses libraries on the Mac ? (i guess the latter isn't likely
> since you say it works fine with Debian though)

I was also thinking it was an encoding issue.  Do you know how to
change the encoding to ISO-8859-1 ?  At least that's something I could

Chris Dean

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