Webcam Problems

Duncan Lithgow duncan at
Wed Jan 11 18:58:58 UTC 2006

Ryan Thompson wrote:

>Have a problem getting a Logitech Webcam to work on Ubuntu.  So far I
>can get the cam started but I can't take videos or images.
Have you searched to see if your specific web cam is supported? I can't 
find the link just now but search for it using the name of your camera 
plus words like "support Linux". See what comes up. If it is fully 
supported then take note of the driver supporting it, then look in the 
release notes of the version of Ubuntu you are using and see if that 
driver is part of the kernel for your version of Ubuntu.

Do all that, and if you're still wondering why it doesn't work - ask 
again for help. But please mention exactly which camera you are having 
trouble with.

Lots of luck, Duncan

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