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James Gray james at
Wed Jan 11 07:38:54 UTC 2006

On Wed, 11 Jan 2006 17:39, Brian Astill wrote:
> I have created a list of filters for incoming mail, but all incoming
> messages are being dumped into the wastebin  :-(
> If I "select all" in the wastebin and try "Apply all filters" there is no
> result, except some HD thrashing.
> BUT if I "select all" and apply any one of my filters - it does exactly
> as it should and puts the right messages into the right folder. ie the
> filter instructions seem to have been set up correctly.
> I have eleven filters in my filter list and spam checking and dumping
> into the wastebin only comes AFTER those eleven in the fllter list.
> So .. can anyone help me with a solution to my problem?
> TIA.

Try looking at the filter log.  In Kmail:
Tools -> Filter Log Viewer...

Then check the box to "Log filter activities".  Now re-run your tests on a 
group of messages and on a single message.  Have a look in the log and see 
what you can figure out.


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