Apache2 problems on Breezy

Remus Boara rem at eclipsedesign.net
Wed Jan 11 00:26:33 UTC 2006


I had Apache2, PHP, MySQL installed on my Breezy Badger machine and
until today, everything was just fine.
About 10 hrs ago, my Apache stopped responding with this error message:

8410 Segmentation fault.

 I completely removed it together with the PHP & MySQL and freshly
installed again and I repeated the operation several times but I had the
same issue.

So I decide to go with XAMPP which a great tool but I'm not as happy on
how things work as I used to be with my Ubuntu Apache / PHP / MySQL
installation because it slows down a bit my system...

I am a web developer and I rely very much on this and today, for the
first time as a long time windows and newbie Ubuntu user I had my first
kick from Linux.

Please, I'm pretty desperate, someone out there help me!!! Thanks a lot...
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