ubuntu & NT File system

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Tue Jan 10 21:21:57 UTC 2006

Adam Lafayette wrote:
> I'm thinking of setting up a Windows XP and Ubuntu dual boot machine.
> It will be an AMD 3200+ w/512MB of mem.
> Anyone know if ubuntu can read and write to the NT file system with a default ubuntu install?
> I've heard the linux kernel can be set up to read NTFS but don't know about writing to NTFS.
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To bridge the gap, until NTFS write becomes easily available a common 
solution, which I do is to have 3 partitions.
1 NTFS - Windows & Programs
2 Linux - Everything
3 Fat32 - Files

#3 can be read and written from either, I even share my bookmarks and 
email profiles with Firefox and Thunderbird so they read from the same 


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