Newbie Books?

Scott angrykeyboarder at
Tue Jan 10 18:39:10 UTC 2006

Dragon192 wrote:
> Howdy All...
> I am new to all this Linux stuff...are there any books, something in 
> the vein of the Dummies series, that can be recommended to get an 
> idea what what it is all about, ie, terminology, etc..?

Uhh. The Dummies series, perhaps? :-)

I'm sure you'll get differing opinions on this.  My suggestion?  Find a 
good bookstore and browse through it's Linux books and find what you like.

My problem with most computer books is they cover too much of some 
subjects and not enough of others.   The Dummies books are usually good, 
but in the case of the Linux ones they spend too much time on stuff you 
(as a newbie) will probably know (e.g. Firefox) and too little time on 
concepts and commands.

Then the books that do spend good time on the latter aren't aimed at 
those new to Linux.

> Or web sites....?

Google is your friend.

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