And another stupid question: hotplugging and permissions

Derek Broughton news at
Tue Jan 10 15:12:38 UTC 2006

Michael Richter wrote:

> On 09/01/06, Derek Broughton <news at> wrote:
>> Correct.  Why is it that the first thing everybody does is ask
>> about /etc/fstab?
> Probably bad documentation?  ;-)
> You probably need to play with the permissions in /etc/udev.  I can't
> recall
>> finding anything about mounting "exec", though. Check out the "pmount"
>> command too.
> Pmount was where it's at.  Everything I need is in there.  Now when I
> figure out how and when pmount is activated the last piece of the puzzle
> would be
> in place.  Thanks, Derek!

You're welcome.  I can't help you precisely with "when" pmount gets invoked,
but "udev" handles hotplugging (with or without the help of "hotplug"
depending how recent your system is - current dapper has no hotplug
package).  udev informs hal, and hal invokes pmount (I think - it really is
all magic!).

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