Has Ubuntu Replaced Windows on Your Box?

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Tue Jan 10 15:09:03 UTC 2006

Charles E "RIck" Taylor IV wrote:

> My main reason for switching to Ubuntu was laptop support, though.
> Unless you're willing to patch/recompile your kernel, you miss a lot of
> the laptop stuff with Fedora - especially if your notebook has an Intel
> video chipset.  I've had to patch/recompile a couple of packages for
> Breezy (ffmpeg, for instance, to make it generate video files compatible
> with my Sony PSP), but I haven't had to rebuild the kernel and X just to
> get hibernate working.
I agree that Ubuntu's Intel video support is great - I'm not sure if that's
not just a matter of getting whatever distro is the newest at the time,
though.  Debian's Stable or even Testing never seemed to have recent enough
video support for any of my computers.  You're very right though about
Ubuntu's general laptop support.

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