update-notifier does not work

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Tue Jan 10 09:50:44 UTC 2006

dan Wrote: 
> On 09/01/06, Horst Schlonz <horst.schlonz (AT) gmx (DOT) de> wrote:
> > update-notifier is running but it does not notify me about updates. i
> > have to do updates manually. what can i do?
> Do you mean what can you do to fix the update-notifier? Or do you mean
> how can you update manually?
> ___________________________________
> I think that he/she wants to know how he/she :) can get update-notifier
> to notify again. I have exactly the same problem here. Gnome
> system-monitor shows that update-notifier is using about 20mb of
> virtual memory and it is sleeping. Still, it doesn't notify of new
> updates until you start update-notifier yourself...


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