Locking the Desktop

Sigmund Skjelnes skjelnes at robin.no
Mon Jan 9 15:39:58 UTC 2006

This is a difficult one, in a environment with many users, it's nice to 
lock a screen so nobody could tamper with your applications. But it's 
not so nice when an employee have left for the day and left the screen 
locked. The administrator may as well have left, leaving no option to 
unlock the screen in a proper way. The solution is to reboot the mashine 
with all the possible trouble that could result from that kind of 
violence. This is an actual scenario, their boss told this story over a 
beer to me a few years ago. Their machines used Windows NT, and the 
rebooting broke a machine a week on average. To my opinion, locking the 
screen is unwise, better have the user to log out. Espesially, automatic 
locking by screen saver is a source of problems.


David A. Cobb wrote:

> Running UBUNTU Hoary, GNOME 2.10.0
> Please advise me which screen-locking application to use to make "New 
> Login" available.  It was working, but a recent update has left it so 
> that only the user who locked the desktop can unlock it; a different 
> user cannot start a new session.
> If it matters (as it may), I also find I cannot switch out to one of 
> the virtual consoles.
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