Toshiba Laptop on-board WINMODEM and 600 MHz

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Mon Jan 9 23:47:38 UTC 2006

Lonn a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I have a Toshiba 2230/2250 which is a decent little 600 MHz laptop with
> PCMCIA slots, USB, and  FireWire, but for some reason it is not on the list
> of Toshiba laptops recommended for Linux.
> Perhaps the onboard Lucent Technologies WINMODEM would use resources not
> controlled by Linux.
> Does someone out there know the score on things 'compatible' to tell me if
> it is a waste to go forward or not on that Laptop?
> Lonn
Pilots for winmodems are not very numerous, and have to be fit to the 
kernel. So you might find a pilot, and have to downgrade to the great 
great grand-father of your actual kernel to make it function more or 
less bad ;)
That's for my research with a HP laptop 3 or 4 years old.

Another way is to by a PCMCIA card, among the few you'll be sure, after 
a fast research, that it will be recognised (but I don't have experience 
with it). The last way (what I do) is to connect through a gateway on a 
LAN with one cable.
Then I configure with ipmasq on the gateway and 'route add default 
gateway' on the client. (and add the needed IP on the /etc/resolv.conf).
Hum. I have a 56k connexion only. Some connexions like DHCP better, 
although it is mostly fit for many computers.

Another way is connect with an external serial modem/or router if large 
band connexion, if your machine has a serial port/whatever else can go, 
I don't know anything about large band,  on it (mine on 56k does not 
have a serial output :/)
Best greetings, Joyce Markoll.

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