IP Address Problems

Roger Haxton rhaxton at swbell.net
Mon Jan 9 23:07:52 UTC 2006

On Monday 09 January 2006 05:06, dan wrote:
> According to my ISP, my IP address has been changing every so often,
> for the last few weeks (possibly longer- they've been deleting the
> messages that come up...).
> It is supposedly meant to remain the same (using DHCP), but for some
> reason it has started to alter, and I must admit that looking at the
> IP address now, it does look different.
> However I dont know what I could have done / what has happened to
> cause this. They suggested spyware or a virus, but I am inclined to
> think otherwise.
> As I dont know when this started I cant correlate the change with
> anything that might have happened.
> Is there any reason why I would be assigned different IP addresses?
> Is it possible to restrict which IP address to use? Though from what I
> understand of DHCP etc. (very little...) shouldn't the server do that
> for me?
> Dan
> --
> http://www.danicity.co.uk

I've been seeing similar problems with my laptop connected to my LAN.  My DHCP 
server is set for a 30 day lease time, but, every day I appear to get a 
different IP.  It is almost like the Ubuntu networking doesn't honor the 
lease time set by the DHCP server.  At home, my laptop gets the same IP 
address everytime because I have a reservation set for both my LAN and WLAN 
interfaces.  I used to have a reservation set here at the office, but I 
didn't need it any longer so I removed it from my DHCP server.  I just looked 
at my DHCP server and it is not registering any kind of name in DHCP when it 
receives an IP address.  Very strange.
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