Live CD, can't connet to Internet

Paul O'Malley ompaul at
Mon Jan 9 16:54:44 UTC 2006

S Barringer wrote:

> I'm brand new to Ubuntu, and I just ran the live CD.  The printers, 
> one parallel, and one USB, are working fine, and I set up pppconfig, 
> but I can't connect to the Internet.  Can't I go online from the live 
> CD?  Or, am I missing something here?  --7 Jan 2006
> sbarringer at

First off welcome to Ubuntu.

Before you try any of the items listed below, have a look at this from 
the menu:

System -> Administration -> Networking If you click on the relevant 
device you can end up with a live connection very quickly however if not 
have a look below.

Which version of Ubuntu is it 5.10 or something lower. To find this out 
there is a little "life bouy" icon on the top bar, it is red and white 
in colour. Click on this and it should say what version you are running.
The three versions so far are Warty Warthog, Hoary Hegehog, and Breezy 

What kind of computer is it, laptop or a desktop?

Can you tell us the method you want to connect to the internet with?
Ethernet cable to router

It is a Modem is it internal or external?

Make and model, please note that a lot of internal modems do not work 
straight away with GNU/Linux have a look at if 
the modem is a winmodem.

If it is wireless which card is it Make and Model is useful information 
that may allow people to help you.
If it is a wireless card for which there is no Linux support consider 
the hints here:

If it is via the ethernet card, how is it connected to the outside world?
If it is an ADSL card consider an ethernet card connected to a hub, this 
tends to be easier to use.
If it is Windows something for which there are only wireless drivers, 
consider this, however it 
is buggy compared to native support.
[Native is where the driver is build for your version of linux.]

See we don't know from what you said what the issues are but answering 
these questions may help some.
If you need more info on some of the options here please feel free to 
ask. The more information you give the easier is is for people to help you.


Paul O'Malley

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