Has Ubuntu Replaced Windows on Your Box?

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Mon Jan 9 13:16:14 UTC 2006

DC Parris Wrote: 
> This is something of a quick straw poll.  I'd like to know how many
> people

> have actually replaced Windows with Ubuntu Linux.

Yes, my office computer that used to run Windows runs only Ubuntu now
(since last week).

There was a very good reason for the total switch: when I installed
Ubuntu, I botched up my Windows partitions! :D

Actually, I still have a Mac on my desk, and also a Windows laptop, so
maybe that's cheating a bit...

I used to use the Windows computer mostly as an X terminal, for command
line work on remote Unix systems. I also used it as an access point for
remote SMB file systems. Both these functions can be taken up by

At home, for other kinds of work, I am in the process of replacing my
iMac by a new PC running Ubuntu. However, I must admit that that will
only be a 99.9% switch: there will be some software that I will need a
Mac or a Windows PC for, and for that I will have my office laptops.

David Olivier

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