default root pwd for base system install?

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Mon Jan 9 05:58:17 UTC 2006

Lonn a écrit :
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> OK Ronny,
> I am logged in as username selected in the install routine and with password
> from same routine.
> Now if I understand you, I should be able to issue 'sudo passwd' at prompt
> and be able to assign a pwd to root. Is that correct. I have a Toshiba
> laptop with an old disk that is 3.0 GIG under WIN with compression. It was
> in my first Toshiba years ago. I must look at things like languages and
> maybe perl and see if I can rm and get some free space.
You can act as administrator in your x-console or in terminal, with 
sudo. You can eventually do 'sudo passwd root' to enable the root 
account, then you'll have to enter the user passwd, then twice a root 
passwd. You can disable the root account with 'sudo -l root'.

So, if you have many/several admin tasks to do, it's practicle to avoid 
entering user passwd each 10 minutes. But that too can be configured 
different ways. Generally, sudo is perfect, and more secure than using a 
root account.

and so on and so on... :)
Greetings, Joyce Markoll.

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