crystal audio on a dell optiplex gx1p

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Mon Jan 9 05:03:58 UTC 2006

holomate Wrote: 
> No luck for me. At first I thought I might have a different sound chip
> in my GX1 than everyone else, but I opened it up and the chip reads
> *Crystal CS4236B-KQ* so I assume that's the same thing.


> Any other suggestions? Is there somewhere I should look for a different
> DMA or IO address?

there's most likely an irq conflict... and you can't share an irq
between pci and isa devices... use pnpdump to see the range of irq and
io address...

in my case, i use irq 7... i have to go into bios and reserved irq 7
for isa devices... and load parport with irq=none(parallel port gives
up its default irq 7, and uses polling mode instead), and put the line
in /etc/modules except setting irq to 7.

this is on the intel se440bx motherboard...

imo, it's probably easier to simply disable the onboard sound and go
with a cheap pci based soundcard, instead of wasting so much time


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