Live CD, can't connect to Internet

J.Markoll j.markoll at
Mon Jan 9 03:22:28 UTC 2006

S Barringer a écrit :
> I'm using a serial modem (US Robotics),
One of the best.

> which two other (unnamed Linux OSs) detect without any problem.    

> When it came to the modem detection-automatic, it went to manual detection.
So do I. (each time).

> It had ttyS1 already listed in place, and I didn't change that.  
> Maybe it's on ttyS0?
ttyS0. Someone explained that to you in a preceeding post. You might
browse the archieve to read upper in the thread :)

> Or one of the other ttyS's?
Most probably not.

> This mobo has only one serial port, so detection sholdn't be conplex.
 > I also used 'chat' for login/password needed for my ISP.
Nope, PAP then tone. Peer Authentication Protocol, if I don't mistake
is the complete name of PAP ?

> Also, why am I being asked for the primary nameserver IP number?
To resolve the dns ? no, technically, I don't know.

> This information is not something that my ISP seems willing to give 
> out.   
Hum. So did mine time ago. I explained politely to them that my OS would 
no run Internet access without it, then I could purely tear the contract 
into pieces :)
I sure got the primary domain name server, and dialout number.
(Very important to have it too).

> No other OS asks for this info (I think because it's dynamic DNS).
Each OS has slight differences on how to configure. But it has to
be configured somehow.

>  I have three Linux machines running on dial-up.  I was wondering if 
> there is any way to find out the primary nameserver IP number?
It is maybe possible to see it in some configuration files on one
of your machines. No idea which one.
Personnally I used my telephone, in which I did the Internet Access 
Furnisher number.
Best greetings, Joyce Markoll.

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