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Henk Koster H.A.J.Koster at
Sun Jan 8 10:25:26 UTC 2006

On Sun, 08 Jan 2006 02:49:41 +0100, Colin Brace wrote:

> The easiest way to clean up the files is to start by going to System -->
> Preferences--> Keyboard and adding the "US International Engish (with dead
> keys)" layout on the Layout tab.
> Next, add the Keyboard Indicator applet to the panel. This will enable you
> to switch between the dead keys on and off with the click of a mouse. (You
> can also leave it enabled permanently, but then you have to learn to hit
> the space bar if you want to type " ' ~ ` by themselves.
> Now, you can enter characters like ë, ñ, à and é by typing first the
> accent, then the letter.

Wow, you learn something every day! Myself, I had stumbled on the
following solution: 

In the System/Preferences/Keyboard/Layout Options menu, choose the right
Win-key as the compose key (other choices are also possible). Accented
characters are produced by first hitting this compose key by itself, 
which puts the keyboard in one-time compose or dead-letter mode, then
typing the accent followed by the letter. 

This has the advantage of not having to remember that the keyboard is in
dead-letter mode... but it's all a matter of choice.

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