Live CD Can't connect to the Internet

squareyes squareyes at
Sun Jan 8 09:00:53 UTC 2006

S Barringer wrote:

> S Barringer a écrit :
>>> I'm brand new to Ubuntu, and I just ran the live CD.  The printers, 
>>> one parallel, and one USB, are working fine, and I set up pppconfig, 
>>> but I can't connect to the Internet.  Can't I go online from the 
>>> live CD?  Or, am I missing something here?
> You should be able to. Did you invoke pon ? did you press the button 
> of your modem ? (yes some forget to push the button) can you see the 
> light on it ? is it a serial modem ? which brand/model ?
> Do you belong to the dialout group ?
> Joyce Markoll.
> Joyce, No, I didn't invoke pon.  How do I do that?  The modem light is 
> on.   It's a serial modem, but the pppconfig didn't detect it and went 
> to manual.   At the manual setting, it had ttyS1 already listed, and I 
> went with that.  Maybe it's on ttyS0?   It's a US Robotics and works 
> just great on any other Linux OS I've used with it.     Do I belong to 
> the dialout group?   What's that?  I said I'm new to Ubuntu.  (I'm 
> used to KDE, not Gnome.)  sbarringer at
Hi SBarringer,
if your modem is a serial modem, and you only have 1 serial connection 
at back of computer,
it will be ttyS0  To connect turn on modem (if you filled in your isp in 
pppconfig)  type in a terminal  *pon "name of isp you entered in pppconfig"
and press enter key
*To disconnect type at command line  *poff   only and press enter key

*Hope this helps
Take Care

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