netatalk and old old macintoches

Mike Bird mgb-ubuntu at
Sun Jan 8 00:51:26 UTC 2006

On Sat, 2006-01-07 at 15:27, Shelagh Manton wrote:
> I cranked up my mother's old old macintosh the other day (os 8.4) and
> tried out the netatalk software to speak over the network with it. There
> are some files on it we need and the printer cables are missing and the
> floppy drive appears to have died. However, I can't get things working at
> all and in fact it appears to have b*ggered the partially functional samba
> thing we did have working on our network.
> Are there any netatalk gurus out there? And maybe while we're at it a
> samba guru or two might be useful too!

We've never been able to get Breezy's netatalk to work with some of
the 8.x and 9.x Mac OS's, although I don't recall whether 8.4 was
on the list.  In any event, we use Hoary's netatalk in a mostly
Breezy configuration to avoid netatalk problems.

We use a non-standard technique which works with our software but
would not be of much help to you.  However, if you Google "Debian
Apt Pinning" without the quotes you should find the answer, or you
can apt-get install a particular version if you read "man apt-get".

If you're not yet comfortable with this level of sysadmin task
your options are to revert to Hoary, switch to Debian Stable or
another distro, or wait for a fix sometime in an improbable

(Bendacht for cech N-Oen legfas:  Flame-warriors please leave
this alone.  People can search the recent archives if they need
further information.)

--Mike Bird

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