Me again: File Roller and RAR/7Z/etc. archives.

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Sat Jan 7 01:23:05 UTC 2006

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Michael Richter wrote:
> Thanks, William.
> I had similar problems with 7-zip archives, though.  And I'd like to
> know where to go to adjust the compression options anyway -- using -9
> instead of -1 (or whatever) for bzip2, for example.
> On 07/01/06, *William Grant* <tanarrifujitsu at
> <mailto:tanarrifujitsu at>> wrote:
> Michael Richter wrote:
>> Can anybody assist with this or point to documentation?
>> On 06/01/06, *Michael Richter* <ttmrichter at
> <mailto:ttmrichter at>
>> <mailto: ttmrichter at <mailto:ttmrichter at>>> wrote:
>>     I'm trying to open some RAR and 7Z archives I have lying around.
>>     File Roller, according to its web page, supports these.  Yet
> when I
>>     try to open one, I get "unsupported archive type".
>>     Just to be sure, I downloaded p7zip from Synaptic.  It works fine
>>     with them, but File Roller still says unsupported archive
> type.  How
>>     do I make File Roller support what it claims to support?
> RAR is unsupported in File Roller because of patent issues, I believe.
> The version of File Roller included in Ubuntu has RAR support removed
> because of possible legal issues with the RAR format. Your best bet for
> getting RAR support in File Roller is to compile the source from the
> website, unfortunately, I believe.
> William.

It would appear that a similar thing has happened with 7ZIP, although I
am unaware of any legal issues on that front. I don't really know much
about File Roller (I rarely use GUI tools for such tasks), however on
examination it appears to not have options for changing compression
options. This might be a good spot for improvement of File Roller. I may
look into it.


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