Lost Sound Support Unexpectedly

David M. Carney carney1979 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 6 19:26:25 UTC 2006

On Friday 06 January 2006 12:43, Dave M G wrote:
> Ubuntu Users,
> 	My system has two sound devices. The preferred device is a Kenwood
> audio system connected via USB. The non-preferred device is an old Sound
> Blaster audio card that came with the computer.
> 	When I installed Ubuntu, it detected the Kenwood audio device without
> any hitches, and has worked perfectly for months.
> 	But earlier today, I lost sound support. There was no particular event
> that struck me as being a cause. I first noticed the problem when I
> attempted to play an MP3 in Amarok. After that it was apparent that any
> and all programs that use sound would not work either.
> 	I confirmed cables and connections are okay. The Kenwood device still
> works, as it plays CDs and the radio fine. The Sound Blaster card also
> works.
> 	The implications, to me, are that somehow the driver has been
> corrupted.
> 	However, I am unable to access any configuration tools or settings. The
> only place in the GUI that had any settings for sound devices was in
> System | Preferences | Sound. In that interface, it allows me to switch
> between the two sound devices, but nothing else.
> 	Recently, I removed FireFox 1.0.7 and installed FireFox 1.0.5 directly
> from Mozilla. I also uninstalled and re-installed MySQL. And I made a
> small change to my /etc/fstab file to allow all users access to my FAT32
> hard drive. Those are the only system things I have dealt with recently
> enough to be possibly connected to the sound issue. I'm wondering if I
> might have removed a dependancy or something.
> 	The hardware all seems to be working. Can anyone recommend how I might
> diagnose the software settings?
> 	Any advice would be much appreciated.
> --
> Dave M G

I have on-board sound and recently my bios settings got messed up somehow. In 
resetting them I accidentally set the sound chip off. Needless to say Linux 
had no sound.

Even though it's a bit of a stretch, it is free to check your bios settings.


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