Has Ubuntu Replaced Windows on Your Box?

Charles E "RIck" Taylor IV rick at rickandpatty.com
Fri Jan 6 17:02:52 UTC 2006

On Sat, 2006-01-07 at 00:18 +0800, Michael Richter wrote:
>         Most solutions seem cryptic, unintuitive and hard to find to
>         the uninitiated.

> This is problem #1 for Linux (any distro).  When things work they work
> well.  When they fall down, however, they fall down hard.  Trying to
> pick up the pieces afterwards is nightmarish.  Even gurus often throw
> up their hands and say "I hope you backed up /home".

Whenever I read about this, I think - "You know, I have these same
problems - with Windows XP."  A *lot* of this just boils down to things
just working differently under unixlike OSes than they do under Windows.

I think Ubuntu's weak points are networking and printing, myself.
Networking's much easier to configure for my home and work networks on
my laptop under Fedora than it is here in Ubuntu.  Printing was just ...
broken ... on my Samsung ML-1430 (graphics were garbled).  Fixed it by
overwriting Ubuntu's faulty PPD with Fedora's working one.  (I guess the
Windows equivalent is "no, install THIS driver to get your printer to
work, not THAT one.")

Fedora's nice - and in particular the configuration tools are far better
than Ubuntu's, but I like the ease of installation of (most) apps with
Ubuntu.  Also, suspend-to-disk was a trial to get working under Fedora,
but it works out-of-the-box with Ubuntu Breezy.

And Windows?  XP Pro's fine as long as I don't want to suspend the
machine.  It crashed on resume every other time, and didn't seem

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