mounting NFS shares

Kristian Vilmann kvi at
Fri Jan 6 15:35:40 UTC 2006

Colin Brace wrote:
> How do I mount an NFS share in Ubuntu? I have tried following the 
> instructions here: to no avail; I 
> don't see the remote share under /net. Neither does the "Connect to 
> server" command under the Places menu offer NFS as a "service type". 
> Thanks.

Is /etc/ actually there?

If so, check what exports the server has with 'showmount -e'.

Here is my laptop (nc6220kvi) querying my server (gate):

kvi at nc6220kvi:~$ showmount -e gate
Export list for gate:
kvi at nc6220kvi:~$

If you dont get any output you'll need to configure NFS on the server.


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