Nothing to apply.

Patrick Newberry PNewberry at
Thu Jan 5 16:57:06 UTC 2006

Using the directions below, I added the breezy cd removed the Horary
I clicked mark all upgrades but nothing was marked so apply was not
Thus I could not perform #4. 

I was not on the internet and fooled around with  removing all
references in the  /etc/apt/sources.list to anything on the internet but
did not seem to help or hurt.

With Breezy CD and Synaptic

   1.Open up Synaptic Package Manager
   2.Click on "Edit/Add CD-ROM"
   3.Click on "Mark All Upgrades"
   4.Click on "Apply"
   5. See the additional notes below
   6. Note that you need to add the cdrom again with Synaptic "Edit/Add
CD-ROM" after the first reboot,this is needed because of new package
authentication feature

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