Fluxbox slow start bug Was: boot into minimal wm & start mythtv?

Peter Garrett peter.garrett at optusnet.com.au
Thu Jan 5 12:04:58 UTC 2006

On Thu, 5 Jan 2006 11:10:40 +0000
R Kimber <rkimber at ntlworld.com> wrote:

> On Wed, 4 Jan 2006 21:58:58 -0500
> Matt Price <matt.price at utoronto.ca> wrote:
> > eliminate gdm altogether and just boot into the most minimal wm I can
> > find (any suggestions for something quicker than fluxbox?  even that
> > takes many seconds to load!); but I don't really know how to do that
> In my experience, i.e. on my machine, Blackbox loads much faster than
> Fluxbox.  You need to run a default session and load Blackbox from
> your .xsession file.

The slow loading with the Hoary  and Breezy versions of fluxbox is due to
a bug. The only way to fix it properly is to compile the 0.9.14 version of
fluxbox (which I am running at the moment on Breezy) The issue is an
overload of the font server - it was previously worked around by compiling
fluxbox with the --disable-xmb option to ./configure, but appears to be
fully fixed in version 0.9.14.

My understanding is that Dapper will include 0.9.14 , so the problem
should disappear.



Package: fluxbox (0.9.14-1) [universe]  


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