Ubuntu Screen Res Issues

vilaweb casamance amaisembe at vilaweb.com
Thu Jan 5 11:01:30 UTC 2006

jean gruneberg wrote:

>> Thanks Derek!
>> I try it but I'm with the same problem.
>> But I think my problem is with 915resolution.
>> when I execute 915resolution l-, I don't have the option of 1280x800.
>> Somebody knows how to add this option?
>> kernic
> kernic
> It does not seem that your particular system supports that resolution
> from the output of 915resolution -l.  Was your laptop able to display
> 1280x800 as a windows machine?
> Perhaps if it was, just use the 915resolution 7d 1280 800 line in
> bootmisc.sh and see what happens =:-O
> Jean
Dear Jean and Derek!
I got my right screen resolution.
I install in synaptic this packages:
-gnome-control-center (potser ja el tindràs instal·lat)
after I write in terminal:
And I saw *Mode 5c: 1280x800*.
soo I use the 915resolution 5c 1280x800 line in bootmisc.sh
Thanks for all
see you

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