Shared Windows/Linux Drive Problems

Scott Henson scotth at
Thu Jan 5 06:04:06 UTC 2006

'Forum Post wrote:

>Thanx Leo,
>i've been searching on this problem also.
>My problem is a bit more tricky: I'd like to mount my vfat (shared with
>xp) as /home

I would choose option 2 and mount it on /data(or in my case I would use
/srv/data but thats just me).  Then I would make judicious use of
symlinks.  Take me for example, I have all my music on an NFS share that
gets mounted on /projects/music/scotth.  I did a 'ln -s
/projects/music/scotth ~/Music' and now I access all my music via
~/Music.  Also at work my home directory is mounted via NFS.  I have
local scratch space in /srv/scotth/ for doing disk intensive stuff and
for vmware.  So, ~/vmware points to /srv/scotth/vmware and ~/Work points
to /srv/scotth/work. 

Thus even though the files are on completely different partitions(and in
some cases different computers) I can access them in my home directory
just like any other directory and I really don't notice any difference. 
I think this is really the simplest way to give you what you want and
keep things happy that expect your home directory to be a unix filesystem. 

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