boot into minimal wm & start mythtv?

Matt Price matt.price at
Thu Jan 5 02:58:58 UTC 2006

hi folks,

have just successfully set up a mythtv box under breezy (yay!).  it's
very cool, but it's running on a slowish machine that takes ages to
boot.  I'm trying to reduce overhead, which so far mostly means
booting into fluxbox instead of gnome (other suggestions are HEARTILY
welcome!  I'm sure there's lots of stuff in the desktop-oriented main
distro that isn't necessary for me).  ultimately I think I'd like to
eliminate gdm altogether and just boot into the most minimal wm I can
find (any suggestions for something quicker than fluxbox?  even that
takes many seconds to load!); but I don't really know how to do that
-- possibly add a file in /etc/init.d/ that runs a startx command?  

In any case I'd like to know whether there's a standard place to put
commands I want to be run on start by every xsession , because I would
like for the mythtv frontend to start every time I log in.  Does gdm even
see .xinitrc any more?  Would that be the place to put such a command?
I appreciate any suggestions, either in terms of further optimization
or best-prcitces placement of ocnfiguration data.


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History Department, University of Toronto
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