Making FireFox default browser, and a nice icon for it

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Thu Jan 5 01:43:35 UTC 2006

I'm a total newbie so I can't help you with #1 but here is the answer to #2:

On 1/4/06, Dave M G <martin at> wrote:
> Ubuntu Users,
>         Following advice here, I replaced the Ubuntu 1.0.7 build of
> FireFox
> available in Synaptic for version 1.0.5, which I downloaded directly
> from Mozilla. This was to alleviate excessive CPU use by the Ubuntu
> build, and it has worked fantastically.
>         However, because the version downloaded from Mozilla just unpacks
> from
> a tar file, it is not integrated into my system. When I click on a link
> in Evolution or Gaim, nothing happens. I assume this is because I have
> not listed my new version of FireFox as a default browser.
>         Question #1 is, how to I make it so that FireFox 1.0.5 is the
> default
> web browser for all web activities?
>         Question #2 should be simpler. Is there a place I can get a nice
> FireFox icon to put in my panel? I noticed that even when I had the
> Ubuntu build there was only a globe icon as the default FireFox icon.
>         I did read on this list in someone else's thread that there was
> some
> issue about licensing or something, which was why there was no default
> icon. But I didn't get a clear picture of whether or not it was possible
> to download an icon oneself from somewhere.
>         Thank you for your assistance.
> --
> Dave M G
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