Ubuntu on Mac Laptops

Al Gordon runlevel7 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 21:05:30 UTC 2006

I'm considering buying a Mac laptop, either an iBook or a PowerBook
(depending on how much money I think I can afford to part with).  I
plan on dual-booting it with OS X and Ubuntu Breezy.

There are a few things I'm unsure of relating to running Ubuntu on
Apple hardware, since I don't have any experience with that, other
than trying out the Breezy LiveCD on my old G4 Cube.

1. Video: Is the video hardware in Apple's new *Book line fully
supported, with hardware acceleration, etc.?

2. Games: Will I be able to play, for example, UT 2004 or Neverwinter
Nights under Linux on the Power platform, the same as I can in Linux
on an x86?  I feel silly asking this question, but would like to make
sure that I know what I'm getting myself into.

3. RestrictedFormats: Pretty much the same question as above, but for
libdvdcss, etc.  Will I be able to watch DVDs on an Apple laptop
running Ubuntu?

Thanks in advance,


  -- AL --

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