Alternatives to ubuntu?

Giorgos pinkisntwell at
Wed Jan 4 10:55:20 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-01-04 at 21:17 +1100, Peter Garrett wrote:
> On Wed, 04 Jan 2006 11:55:08 +0200
> Giorgos <pinkisntwell at> wrote:
> > This is already set, this is not the problem, the problem is that
> > ubuntu's firefox is as slow as it gets and reports are all over the net
> > (and this mailing list.)
> OK - agreed that many people have a problem with Ubuntu's Firefox, and
> possibly on certain configurations there's a bug there. On the other hand,
> many people, including me, are not seeing this problem, so a blanket
> statement that "ubuntu's firefox is as slow as it gets" is just as
> inaccurate as saying "the problem doesn't exist" - which,only from the
> point of view of those who aren't having troubles with FF, is true - for
> *those* people.
> My suggestion was just that - a suggestion. If
> you have it already set then clearly it doesn't help you. 

All agreed. I think that it's clear though that including a firefox
that's very slow (for many users) is a great disadvantage for ubuntu
because someone will load the live cd, try to browse the net, see that
it goes very slow and leave it right there.

It's not that windows have a better browser out of the box (ie is so bad
it's not even funny) but firefox had the potential to be much better for
ubuntu. Let's hope they fix it for dapper (or backport 1.5 for breezy.)

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