Alternatives to ubuntu?

tom sett at
Wed Jan 4 06:42:41 UTC 2006

> So the problem here is really firefox, it is so bad that I close it
> the second I'm done with it, because it keeps slowing down my computer
> even when I'm not using it.
> Could there be a problem with the firefox in breezy? Should I try
> building my own?
> --
> Venlig hilsen
> Filip Svendsen

There seems to be a gap between what you are experiencing and pretty
much everyone else.  Now there are several possible explanations amongst
which is that everyone else has lower exp[ectations but this doesn't
sound right does it?

The most likely explanation for what you are experiencing is something
unique, or nearly unique, to your situation.

Since you have recently come from Windows 2000 (an assumption I grant
you lol) maybe its in the way you have installed ubuntu itself.  Have
you anyone nearby that you cam talk to and involve directly with your
hardware and installation?  Its not easy, as you can see, to analyse and
correct when what you are experiencing is so out of line with just about
everyone else.

I had a similar blockers with another problem years ago and it suddenly
occurred to me that hey everyone is out of step here but me.  I leave it
to you to guess what the real truth was.

I am just wondering how many hard disk drives you have on there and
where your partitions are eg do you have your swap partition on the same
ide port as your cd/dvd drive?  

This illustrates the wide range of possibilities of where the symptoms
you describe could come from and the advantages of having someone nearby
to take a look at what you are experiencing.

It would be interesting for example to see what the gnome system monitor
reveals when added to your top or bottom panel .... and changing the
default colours to something really different in turn until you locate
the bottleneck ... eg recently i identified why vmplayer was responding
so poorly by having IOwait in yellow and more distinguishable from other
possibilities and dang me would you believe i had the vmware disk file
installed on the same ide port as my cd rom .... now no-one is likely to
have told me what the problem was and so I ended up very satisfied with
having found out where the problem lay by experimenting myself with waht
seems a trivial performance tool but indeed its really very powerful
analysis thing.

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