Very slow MySQL performance

Dave M G martin at
Wed Jan 4 05:37:32 UTC 2006

	Thanks for your assistance. First, I made a rather embarrassing
mistake. My RAM is only 256 MB, not 512 as I originally reported. So
that explains the missing RAM allocation.
	However, your assessment of running into the FireFox CPU overload
problem seems to be entirely correct. I noticed in another thread that
people were complaining of poor FireFox performance, and suggested
switching from Ubuntu's distribution of FireFox to version 1.0.5 offered
directly from Mozilla.
	I did that, and not only is FireFox much snappier, but my calls to
MySQL from phpMyAdmin are running much smoother as well. Down from the
originally reported 30 seconds or more to a mere 1 to 3 seconds. That
seems much more reasonable from a machine with my specifications.

	Thank you for your assistance. Your time is much appreciated.

Dave M G

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