backuppc questions.

Michael Richter ttmrichter at
Wed Jan 4 05:28:47 UTC 2006

> Please allow me comment on your use of backuppc for a moment.

Please do.  :-)

I don't know that backuppc is what your looking for.  Unless your backing up
> a
> bunch of computers, I doubt that its going to be worth setting this
> program up.  If you are only backing up one(maybe at most 5) computers I
> would suggest  backupninja and a usb hard drive.

Well, I picked backuppc under the mistaken impression that having the
"Ubuntu Supported" icon next to it meant it was ... supported.  ;-)  I'm
open to using anything that simplifies my task for now.  Backuppc doesn't
sound like the program to use in this case, so I'll take your kind
suggestion instead.

I would further
> suggest using the rdiff-backup backend for everyday use and cd-r backend
> for weekly or monthly use.  If your really paranoid you can use
> duplicity(instead of rdiff-backup), to encrypt your backups.

I have no luck at all with CD-R backups.  I find them highly unreliable and
they tend to fail without any kind of warning that there was a problem.  So
I think I'm covered only to find out that I've lost years (literally, in one
case!) of work with no chance to recover.

I'll be using a USB disk for backing up.  Thanks for the pointer to
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