aliases for use in ubuntu

alex radsky at
Wed Jan 4 02:39:25 UTC 2006

I recently posted 'sudo blocks aliases' where I described a problem with
running aliases in ubuntu where those same aliases ran perfectly in
other linuxes. The responses I got didn't solve the problem as posted. 

I have several aliases like these that make it easy to access other
operating systems from a variety of Linuxes (except UBUNTU)  and perform
all kinds of good things, such as editing and moving files from one OS
to another.

For example accessing ubuntu from knoppix, Libranet, JAMD,
(all aliases are  in /root/.bashrc in each Linux)

alias ubu+='mount -t ext3 /dev/hda10 /mnt/da10; cd /mnt/da10; ls -aF
alias ubu-='cd; umount -l /mnt/da10'

These aliases do not work in ubuntu whether or not I modify them to
include sudo. 

Some of the responses to the original posting said that the shell
in ubuntu is different so it doesn't respond to the aliases as written
in the other Linuxes.

I don't want to modify ubuntu by changing shells, so my question now is:

What form should an alias be in ubuntu to achieve the same action as the
alias example above achieves in other linuxes,  that is access another
OS by just uttering a simple command such as xp+ and xp- to access or
exit from Windows XP in hda1?  And, where should these aliases be
located if not /root/.bashrc?

Incidently, to explain the da10 in the examples above,  I add
directories such as da1 da2 da6 da10 db1  in /mnt

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