Alternatives to ubuntu?

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Tue Jan 3 20:30:56 UTC 2006

voger a écrit :
> Filip Svendsen wrote:
>> On 1/3/06, Tim Littlemore <tim at> wrote:
>>>  Filip Svendsen wrote:
>>>  I realize this is probably one of the worst possible places to ask
>>> this, but I'm looking for an alternative to Ubuntu. My problem is that
>>> the interface feels so incredibly sluggish. I'm not talking about
>>> startup times of apps, which really doesn't bother me at all; it's the
>>> responsiveness of apps after they've started. In particular firefox is
>>> incredibly slow, compared to under windows 2000.
>>> I really don't want to go back to windows again, so I'm interested in
>>> if anybody knows how well gnome and firefox runs under for example
>>> gentoo?
>>> Are their other performance-minded distros out there?
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>>> Venlig hilsen
>>> Filip Svendsen
>>>  You'll more than likely find that this problem is due to the Gnome 
>>> desktop,
>>> rather than Ubuntu itself - that's what I found. You might like to 
>>> try some
>>> of the other desktops/window managers such as KDE, XFCE, etc.
>>>  Personally, I just stuck another 256MB RAM in my system, because I like
>>> Gnome. That fixed the sluggish performance for me.
>>>  Tim
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>>> ubuntu-users mailing list
>>> ubuntu-users at
>> Thanks for the windowmanager recommendations, but what about firefox?
>> Did the extra memory help gnome? I really like gnome, and would prefer
>> not having to switch.
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>> Venlig hilsen
>> Filip Svendsen
> Don't know much about Gnome because i use KDE myself. But as for firefox 
> (and thunderbird maybe) it is a very very good idea
> to download and use directly from For some unknown reason 
> Ubuntu compilations of these two have very slow performance.
> You may also want to disable ipv6 features in both firefox and the linux 
> kernel itself.. Ubuntu forums have articles on how to do that.
> Also you may want to have a look at this 
> It explains how to tweak your 
> kernel to use the memory
> more than the swap.
> My processor is a P4 1.7 GHz and I had the same problems as you. After 
> applying these tweaks i don't notice any difference between windows xp
> and Kubuntu.
I just tried your trick, cause once a while the gui gets a bit stocked.
That seemed to me not a problem/not illogical to keep 2 tty instead of 6 
and do the changes in OOo as indicated.
I also kicked a bunch of cookies out, and cleaned the history cache...
Best greetings, J.Markoll.

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