OT: Move Files from one PC to another

'Forum Post ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Tue Jan 3 19:08:21 UTC 2006

What you need is cloning software.  I think Norton Ghost is the best
known in this area but you do have to pay for it.  for some
alternatives take a look here:


An alternative is to use software available from certain HD
manufacturers.  I bought a Maxtor SATA drive and used their Maxblaster
software to clone my old HD to the new Maxtor.  I think the software
came with the hard drive but you can also download it from their
website.  One of the HDs involved MUST be a Maxtor for it to work
though.  But I think most HD makers make something like this but they
don't advertise the fact for some reason.

Before you use any cloning software it is vital that;

a) You backup your data

b)defrag your existing hard drive

c)backup your data


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