Alternatives to ubuntu?

Paul den Hertog paul at
Tue Jan 3 17:42:29 UTC 2006

Will H. Backman wrote:

> Filip Svendsen wrote:
>> I realize this is probably one of the worst possible places to ask
>> this, but I'm looking for an alternative to Ubuntu. My problem is that
>> the interface feels so incredibly sluggish. I'm not talking about
>> startup times of apps, which really doesn't bother me at all; it's the
>> responsiveness of apps after they've started. In particular firefox is
>> incredibly slow, compared to under windows 2000.
>> I really don't want to go back to windows again, so I'm interested in
>> if anybody knows how well gnome and firefox runs under for example
>> gentoo?
>> Are their other performance-minded distros out there?
>> -- 
>> Venlig hilsen
>> Filip Svendsen
> Perhaps the question should be:  How do I troubleshoot performance
> problems in Ubuntu.
You could try running a low performance windowmanager such as fluxbox
instead of gnome.


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