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Tue Jan 3 00:55:10 UTC 2006

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> jeffjj Wrote:
> > I am also thinking of buying an iAUDIO G3. Could someone confirm whether
> > or not they are using this player successfully. The problems in this
> > post seems like it was because it was being used with an unstable
> > (early) version of Ubuntu Breezy. With the final release out does it
> > work correctly now out of the box?
> I have an iAudio5 which to all purposes is the same as the G3 except
> for using a AAA battery.  This works fine on Breezy and mounts
> automatically as /dev/sda1 .
> The only issue is that I still need windows to perform firmware updates
> or reformat the drive (as using *mkdosfs -F 32 /dev/sda1* seems to cause
> the player to not start successfully.
> --
> sandy_marshall
jeffjj and interested parties,

I'm not sure of your experience level, but I was a real beginner not
too long ago and something as simple as "mounts automatically as
/dev/sda1" could still be a cause for confusion in a way that "just
compile it up" could be for others.  Can you browse through the "/dev"
directory and find something recognizable?  That wasn't my experience.
 I made a short 1 pager of what I did to get the Cowon iAudio X5
working under linux

Bottom line in my case with Ubuntu 5.10:

# sudo mkdir /media/mp3  (or /media/ogg, or /media/joey)
# sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/mp3
# sudo nautilus (If you don't want to have to type it all out.)


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