vobcopy on breezy

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Mon Jan 2 23:55:13 UTC 2006

Happy to report Stage 2, namely first-time attempt to copy an
unencrypted DVD9 to DVD5, was uneventfully successful.

For those who come after I'm duty-bound for completeness to describe
the process I used. In no way is this the best way to do it, but it
worked without a hitch and that's all I wanted to prove fto myself.

Steps on this dual-boot HP Pavilion 1.8Ghz notebook 30GB HDD (2002):

- With dual-layer DVD in hand - a live 7980MB two-hour rock concert -
  type -cd- in terminal to a large empty directory. Reckoned FAT32
  partition with 24.0GB free space on the external FireWire disk drive
  would be more than adequate, and it was. 15GB is probably the minimum
  I'd want to work with.


- In that empty directory, type -vobcopy -m-  as discussed earlier in
  this thread. -vobcopy -m- took 50 minutes to copy a mirror image of
  this DVD-ROM to external disk.


- Loaded wine (version 0.9.4 wineHQ) to launch DVD Shrink to
  get to work on vobcopy's output. In DVD Shrink I'd discarded
  everything but the main feature and AC3 English audio to achieve at
  least 80% compression. DVD Shrink analysing took 30 minutes, and
  encoding another half hour to get an *.iso ready to burn.


- Rather than employ demo neroLINUX used in that Stage 1 to copy a
  DVD5 1:1 to a blank DVD5 when K3b failed me each and every time, I
  decided to give K3b another chance with this new, shrunken-to-4.4GB
  *.iso from original DVD9.

- K3b (version 0.12.7 Using KDE 3.4.3) in Breezy/GNOME Applications
  performed flawlessly, breezing through first burn onto a pre-recorded
  DVD+RW (K3b asked permission to overwrite it, I said yes) in 17
  minutes. I tested it in the living-room DVD Player, great stuff. Then
  K3b did  another burn that lasted 15 minutes to burn same ISO9660
  Image to a blank DVD-R. Both DVDRW/R media used are quality 4x
  write-speed media. The end results were as good as the original to my
  amateur eye and ear on a stand-alone DVD player.


Only one mishap along the way:

Before vobcopy I'd tried to use wine/DVD Decrypter but
Decrypter died  half way through saying wine didn't have enough file
space or something similar. Could it be entire Breezy setup on this
notebook is squeezed into a tiny 8.5GB partition including swap, and
Decrypter just ran out of room to thresh its copying process onto the
external drive? I don't know but DVD Decrypter is my preferred starting
point *Mode > ISO > Read* to copy.

Maybe there's something here to help another DVD-copying newbie.


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