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Mon Jan 2 15:34:32 UTC 2006

Jérémie Wrote: 
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> > What controller would you suggest for a real RAID1 SATA hardware

> > solution reliably working with RAID1 under Debian?

> > 


> AFAIC, no more questions about Soft/hardware RAID:

> - De activate all RAID capabilities of cheapy/crappy controlers... go

> Software RAID, trust the penguin !

> - Hardware IDE/SATA RAID: 3ware, no question !


You are absolutely right. SW Raid prevents losing data in case 

of hardware (Promise / mainboard) defect. One can take the hdd 

out and drop it in another machine to pull them out. 

Otherwise you have to dig in EBay for a similar device to start

But: After all thinking about how's if's and the like I admit that 

a good additional backup strategie lets admin sleep better.


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