vobcopy on breezy

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Sun Jan 1 17:07:56 UTC 2006


Well said, and that's what's keeping me hooked on Linux. I may not be
doing things in the most sensible way, but - golly - am I learning a
heck of a lot in the process, and by hook or by crook I seem to
conclude what I set out to do in Ubuntu without crashing the OS. Try
mucking around like this in any Windows OS and a BSOD will hit you
sooner or later - IMHO not yet in Linux.

Another favour I'll ask of the thread. Yesterday I set up a symlink to
mount .ISO (or neroLINUX .nrg) image on a virtual drive which worked
fine but now I want to delete it and re-install this symlink on a
different mount point. Question is how do I delete my symlink, and
where is it saved?

I built it with

    username at ubuntu:~$ sudo ln -s /dev/loop0 /dev/cdrom0

Thanks for your help. Happy 2006 to all!


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